Using pumpkin seeds with honey in the treatment of prostatitis (with recipe)

Pumpkin seeds for prostatitis is a proven folk remedy that has long been successfully used in the treatment of diseases in men. Their combination with honey is most effective. Honey and pumpkin seeds for prostatitis have been known for their healing properties since ancient times. Let's consider why the combination of pumpkin seeds and honey has a good effect on the body of men with prostatitis and other diseases, and whether such a drug can cause harm.

pumpkin seeds with honey

Let's sing an ode to real estate

Pumpkin seeds and honey are natural folk remedies that do not need to be heat treated before use. Nature itself gives it to us ready. Pumpkin seeds for prostatitis are useful because they are rich in fatty acids, dietary fiber, healthy carbohydrates, amino acids and microelements:

  1. Arigin is a protein that promotes muscle growth and recovery of muscle tissue. It also improves hormonal balance in men. This protein is responsible for preventing the development of prostate tumors.
  2. Zinc is an important trace element for men, helping the body produce testosterone.
  3. Polyunsaturated alpha-linolenic acid – improves metabolism and stimulates brain activity.
  4. Vitamin K - provides prevention of osteoporosis.
  5. Phosphorus - actively participates in the production of male sex hormones.
  6. Selenium.
  7. Magnesium.
  8. Manganese.
  9. Niacin.
  10. Tryptophan.

Pumpkin seeds will help reduce the manifestation of seasonal vitamin deficiency, lower cholesterol levels, and also gently relieve kidney stones and remove congestion in the genitourinary system due to its diuretic effect. The benefits of pumpkin seeds in the prevention of inflammation of the prostate gland, impotence, prostate adenoma and prostate cancer have been proven.

What are the benefits of honey for men's health and in the treatment of prostatitis? This is a product of no less value. It includes:

  1. Vitamin B6 – has a positive effect on male hormones and sexual function, and also calms the nervous system.
  2. Proline – strengthens bone tissue, has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  3. Threonine – participates in the formation of muscle tissue, antidepressant.

Treatment of prostatitis with pumpkin seeds and honey has a double effect on men's health and helps in the complex treatment of many diseases. In addition to treating prostatitis, folk remedies such as a mixture of pumpkin seeds and honey will benefit the cardiovascular system, nervous system, and digestive tract.

The right way to cook

Pumpkin seeds for prostatitis are prepared and used in a special way. There are various folk recipes. Reviews show the high effectiveness of pumpkin seeds against prostatitis. To prepare the mixture of seeds and honey, you need to peel raw pumpkin seeds.

Honey is taken of good quality, preferably fresh. What folk recipes to prepare healing medicine for prostatitis is the best to choose to bring maximum benefit and not cause harm to the male body? Let's look at the main ones.


It is easy to roll ground pumpkin seeds into balls by mixing them with honey.

Pumpkin balls with honey

This recipe allows you to prepare delicious and healthy dragees that will allow you to accurately dose natural medicine. To prepare it, you need to peel a glass of pumpkin seeds and grind them. Add honey (about half a glass) to the resulting mixture and stir. The mixture forms balls easily and should be kept in the refrigerator. Balls should be taken in quantities of 1-2 pieces, dissolved. You can eat and drink half an hour after taking the medicine.

Pumpkin Seed Powder

It is easy to make seed powder at home. Oven-dried seeds also need to be peeled and ground. Take the powder one spoon at a time with water and honey dissolved in it. It is best to take this medicine a few minutes before a meal.

Honey cocktail with seeds

The recipe assumes that crushed pumpkin seeds are poured into a jar into which liquid honey is poured (cleaned first). You can take the product without stirring, carefully scooping the mixture of seeds and honey with a spoon. Take no more than three tablespoons a day.

Therefore, each recipe involves the simultaneous use of honey and crushed pumpkin seeds, which need to be peeled first. Pumpkin seeds and honey can be eaten for treatment and prevention. In addition, such folk remedies are equally useful for men and women, as well as children. Reviews show a significant improvement in well-being after using it. Each recipe suggests a different way to store this component.

We rushed right

To prevent prostatitis, you need to take about 30 pills per day. If you are already worried about the early signs of the disease, you need to approach the problem holistically.

In the complex treatment of prostatitis, be sure to include several recipes for preparing seeds with honey. Use the product for a month, this will help achieve a therapeutic effect.

Pumpkin seeds can be used in the treatment of uncomplicated non-infectious prostatitis in men. Choose the recipe that is closest to you in terms of preparation and use. Doctors say that it is impossible to completely cure prostatitis at home using such drugs, but reviews say otherwise. In any case, when starting to treat prostatitis in men, it is necessary to consult a doctor so as not to cause harm to the body.

pumpkin rectal suppository

And here's the sandwich

The medicine is made on the basis of pumpkin seeds, which is also effective in treating prostatitis in men. First of all, this includes pumpkin oil (unfortunately, you can't spread it on a sandwich) and Tykveol medicine. It is available in the form of capsules, oil and rectal suppositories. Tykveol for prostatitis should be used in the form of rectal suppositories.

Suppositories effectively relieve inflammation in the prostate gland and have an antioxidant effect. In addition to the main properties, candles with pumpkin oil improve intestinal motility.

Pumpkin oil for prostatitis is also taken orally in its pure form. In addition to the general healing effect, it normalizes the production of male hormones, relieves inflammation, and has a positive effect on erectile and reproductive function.

When not recommended to eat

Is it possible to cause harm if you treat prostatitis in men with pumpkin seeds and honey? Therefore, there are no contraindications to taking pumpkin seeds with honey. However, for people with allergies or serious gastrointestinal diseases, they can not only bring benefits, but also harm. Reviews show that when treating prostatitis in men with this drug, caution should be exercised by people with a tendency to allergic reactions and allergies to bee or pumpkin products.

Therefore, treating prostatitis with pumpkin seeds and honey is not only delicious, but also very healthy. Any recipe has a good effect on men's health. In addition, the product heals the whole body. The effect can be noticeable after only a month of regular use of natural remedies as part of a comprehensive treatment for prostatitis.